Iranian Artists Relief is an annual curatorial program that unifies individual Iranian artists for synergic outcomes presented by Mayten's founded in 2020. We believe arts and culture contribute to strengthening cultural identity and fostering a shared vision for the community.

Living as an artist in a country abundant by restrictions, sanctions, and censorship on the one hand and lack of governmental, institutional, and educational supports demolish opportunities and artists' careers. Despite all that, Iranian contemporary artists address distinct perspectives of the existential event to challenge society.

This program aims to be an open door and represent artists seeking to create a visual language by various mediums, techniques, and divergent artistic practices to the international art scene.

A further intention is to artists track the curation process and create art under the curator's care to practice, experiment, and contribute toward exhibition-making. During six months, the selected artists who live and work in Iran collaborate with the curatorial team, utilize their artistic practice, own observation, and the curatorial core in an empirical process to create an engaging discourse among the works and the audience.

The outcome is an online display, including a commercial traveling exhibition in North America, and all the profit goes directly to the participant artists.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower artists of all career levels to experiment and present their contemporary visual arts practices in a critical context in a broader market internationally. Our program offers sale, education, consultation, curatorial services to the artists. Through the regional and national dialogue encourages collaboration, conversation, and critical inquiry.

Our Vision

We aspire to associate with our communities by taking an intersectional approach, identifying and removing systemic barriers, and supporting artists and art practices who need to be seen, heard, and written about in the international art scene.

We aim to create change through arts, culture, and equitable opportunities and be a destination for critical, unconventional, and challenging contemporary art practices that contribute to international and national dialogues.

Our Team

Board of Art Advisors
  • Ramin Haerizadeh
  • Rokni Haerizadeh
  • Hesam Rahmanian

Farnoosh Talaee


Hirbod Human


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